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Education Voters Pennsylvania is dedicated to supporting policies that strengthen and support great public schools in every community to ensure opportunities for all children, informing the public about the needs and importance of public education, and ensuring our elected leaders adopt and implement a pro-public education agenda.

The school funding lawsuit is moving forward and it is time for Pennsylvanians to get involved!

The courts matter and with an important Supreme Court election coming up on November 3rd, it is critical that Pennsylvanians get involved in the discussion of the role the courts play in ensuring that our state government fulfills its constitutional obligation to provide a "thorough and efficient" system of public education for all children in the Commonwealth.

What you need to know about the state budget and the school funding lawsuit

Learn about how you can help end the budget impasse in Harrisburg and sign up for a phone update on the school funding lawsuit.

A budget impasse, the public weighs in, PSSA results, and a really important election this year

The budget is still not done, so schools are still not funded – the impasse continues; the Auditor General weighs in and the public has some opinions about it too. New PSSA test results are in – but what do the results tell us? And – believe it or not there is a REALLY IMPORTANT election this year!

Frequently Asked Questions about the new 2014-2015 PSSA results

Over the summer of 2015, the PSSA results from the 2014-15 school year were released with scores that are significantly different than the previous year. Read about the changes. PSSA_FAQs.pdf


Know the Issues

In Pennsylvania, it is time to start tackling issues related to how we provide a thorough and efficient public education system, as required by our Constitution and an excellent education for every child, as required by a powerful need to meet the future head on.

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We are making public education policy a top priority as taxpayers and voters.

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Education Voters envisions a nation in which every child has equitable opportunity for high quality education, and in which Americans in all communities demand that elected officials support that vision.