Education Voters Pennsylvania

Education Voters Pennsylvania is dedicated to supporting policies that strengthen and support great public schools in every community to ensure opportunities for all children, informing the public about the needs and importance of public education, and ensuring our elected leaders adopt and implement a pro-public education agenda.

Money Matters

How increased supports improve education The reality is that money matters. Targeted funding directed at instructional practices, that are supported by evidence can have dramatic impacts.

Going to court.

Pennsylvania’s system is neither adequate, nor equitable; thorough, nor efficient Today, Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia (PILCOP) and Education Law Center- PA filed a lawsuit on behalf of individuals, school districts and organizations, making the complaint that the funding system in Pennsylvania is not only wrong, it violates the Constitution.

Further analysis of proposal to convert 100% of York City Schools to charter schools needed

Pennsylvania’s Charter School Law MUST Be Reformed

Charter schools are a part of Pennsylvania’s educational landscape and high-quality charter schools have a place in the commonwealth’s public school systems. However, Pennsylvania’s charter school law is deeply flawed and must be fixed so that all children in the commonwealth have equal access to high quality public schools and taxpayers can afford to provide adequate funding for both traditional public schools and charter schools.


Know the Issues

In Pennsylvania, it is time to start tackling issues related to how we provide a thorough and efficient public education system, as required by our Constitution and an excellent education for every child, as required by a powerful need to meet the future head on.

Vote Education

We are making public education policy a top priority as taxpayers and voters.

Support the Cause

Education Voters envisions a nation in which every child has equitable opportunity for high quality education, and in which Americans in all communities demand that elected officials support that vision.