Education Voters Pennsylvania


Higher Education

  • Governor Corbettís proposed budget includes a 50% cut to the 14 colleges that comprise the State System of Higher Education (PASSHE).
  • State-related schools, which include Penn State, University of Pittsburgh, Temple and Lincoln University, will sustain cuts that range from 47% to 50%.
  • In addition to these drastic cuts, Gov. Corbett has proposed a cut to the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) from $441.2 million to $411.56 million, which is in addition to a $1.575 cut in federal funding.
  • Pennsylvania already has some of the highest tuition rates for public higher education. Where does this put middle class families?
  • Students across the states are coming together to protest this budget that limits their ability to afford a higher education, but this is not just their fight, it is our fight.
  • An investment in education is an investment in our economy and our future
  • Our economic growth depends on having an educated workforce.
  • Currently, PASSHE schools enroll nearly 120,000 students, and almost 90 percent are Pennsylvania residents and 70percent of those student remain in Pennsylvania.