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What you need to know about the state budget and the school funding lawsuit

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Not another Bad Budget!!

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Education Advocacy Summit

Going to Court for Fair Funding

Further analysis of proposal to convert 100% of York City Schools to charter schools needed

Engaging Parent Quickly and Easily (for Superintendents and Principals)

Advocacy Tool Kit

Tools to help you advocate for public education, all in one location.

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Debriefing Your Meeting Form

TAKE ACTION: Pennsylvanians CANNOT afford state funded vouchers!

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General Assembly Passes Budget Where Children are the Biggest Losers

January 2015 Call to Action for Education

It is time for a new era for education in Philadelphia

Take Action NOW and tell the Mayor and City Council to do what they need to do to maintain vital programs in Philadelphia’s public schools!

SIGN UP - Deliver Petition to Governor Corbett - June 6

Sign-up to deliver over 34,000 signatures from Pennsylvanians who want Governor Corbett and their legislators to restore funding to education!

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Your legislators respond when they hear from you. Write them a letter and give them a call….they are listening!

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Send an opinion letter to your local newspaper. Read more for tips for writing a letter to the editor.

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Use our tools and tips to identify and schedule a meeting with your legislators.

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